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Our Ethos

Our wax

In order to unleash the perfect effect, each candle is a blend of four to five first class waxes specially amalgamated. The waxes are hard, their sources controlled and of natural origin on occasion enriched of plant based waxes too. No colour or dye used. More than 7 types of wicks are used to ensure each candle burns consistently and flawlessly, as wicks are the most essential part of any candle.


Our Scent

Ecstatic, rare, enthralling, precious are some words that describe the scents used in ROCI candles. We have used one of the finest natural molecules to attain the desired scents, these fragrance were developed in three years as every fragrance react in each different way to heat: some unwrap, others shine, yet others bend. Finding the perfect balance is real slow, painstaking process (with 12-15% fragrance concentration depending on the candle). We don’t shy away from challenges or compromise:


Our Packaging 

Our Packaging is chique & sustainable too, that helps establish a relationship between user & our product. The glass is pressed in the south of Spain, the lacquering and printing is also done in the south of Spain. 

Our boxes are engineered to be plastic-free, recyclable paper; and our shipping materials are biodegradable with minimal use of plastic.

Our Price 
Our candles are made of very specific materials. They are developed carefully with a lot of raw materials." The work is done manually, and production can only be done in small batches, with precise quality check to achieve an extremely high end Product — hence, the hefty price tag.