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Our Story

Roci is a Sanskrit word meaning Light.

Pronunciation- (ro_ch_i) 

There is a proverb that says: "we do not travel to change places, but to change our minds" roci is the desire, the will to make you travel, to offer you today thanks to a perfumed flame a journey, an escape through space and time".

The story began in India, with, at its heart, two brothers driven by the same olfactory passion; started developing fragrances from their journey through rich cultural heritage of India. May that be the story of Himalayan Deodars from the mountains you crave for or the mesmerizing Jasmine from Mysore, they’ve got it all covered. The scents are artistically created keeping in mind different mythologies & memories from their travel diaries, carefully hand crafted in Scented Candles that burn beautifully their way down to the bottom of the jar, leaving you crave for more!

Haute Perfumery

They started from scratch and did it their way & were lucky enough to find themselves the expertise of a very talented perfumer from Grasse, France, who helped them create their imagination & translate it into fine artisanal fragrances. Their range of Niche Body fragrances is all about rich culture & heritage of India, as the story behind each fragrance has an interesting ideology from deep cultural mythology of India that they desire to introduce to the World.